SDK Examples and Plugins

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Download Unity Package

Download and insert the unity package. Confirm Lagged-plugin.unitypackage was added as well.


Confirm all packages are added to unity. Some older versions of Unity do not install all automatically (Sometimes Lagged-plugin.unitypackage needs to be added manually)

Drag the prefab "LaggedAPIUnity" into your scene and Replace the DEV_ID and PUBLISHER_ID value with your IDs

Lagged Developer ID:


Developer Adsense Publisher ID:


Ads *required

Call LaggedAPIUnity.Instance.ShowAd() to trigger an ad, Use OnPauseGame and OnResumeGame to pause game/music. SDK handles Ad cooldown. In dev mode ads will show each time for testing


Reward Ads *recommended

Increase Revenue

Games using reward ads earn 3x more on average. Give users rewards (extra life, puzzle hints, etc) for watching an ad.

Reward ads work in two steps: First check if ad available (hide buttons before reward is available). Once an ad is available then you can give user an option to accept reward (show button). You can call this mutliple times until a reward ad is avaialbe.

Check if ad available


If there is an ad available onRewardAdReady will trigger. Now you can show a button for the user to click.

Call PlayRewardAd() to play the ad (on button click)


Use onRewardAdSuccess to give user the reward and onRewardAdFailure to get pinged when reward ad failed. Make sure to remove the reward button after both of these events. You can start checking for another reward ad after.

Increase Engagement & Visibility

You can add Achievements and High scores while uploading your game. These features increase game plays, revenue and visibility on Lagged.


To save an achievement call


Save Achievements with provided Achievement IDs during game upload

High Scores

To save a high score use

LaggedAPIUnity.Instance.CallHighScore(score, boardID)

Use an non decimal positive interger for "score" and boardID is provided during game upload