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Make sure "Use Worker" is set to "No" in advanced project settings for SDK to work correctly.

Call INIT after everything is loaded

Insert your Developer ID and Publisher ID

Lagged Developer ID:


Developer Adsense Publisher ID:


Ads *required

Call show ad action
Trigger once on button clicks (start button, next level button, restart button, etc). SDK handles Ad cooldown. In dev mode ads will show each time for testing.

Reward Ads *recommended

Increase Revenue

Games using reward ads earn 3x more on average. Give users rewards (extra life, puzzle hints, etc) for watching an ad.

Two steps: Check if ad available, if it is then show user a button to click
Step 1: Call Check if Reward Ad Available (step 1) action (can be called at any point, usually takes 200ms to return true/false)
Step 1 Condition: Reward Ad Check (step 1)
If there is an ad available this will trigger true.
Now you can show a button the user can tap with Play Reward Ad (step 2) action.
Step 2 Conditions: Use Reward Ad Success to give user the reward and Reward Ad Failure to get pinged when reward ad failed.

Increase Engagement & Visibility

You can add Achievements and High scores while uploading your game. These features increase game plays, revenue and visibility on Lagged.


Save Achievement action, Trigger once when true:
Example achievement ID:


High Scores

Save score action, score=whole integer, trigger once
Example board ID: